Canadian Centre for Accreditation

Community-Based Primary Health Care

CCA supports community-based primary health care centres to meet new challenges and excel through standards that reflect best practices in community-based operations, services and programs.

Accreditation with CCA positions community-based primary health care organizations to keep pace with accountability expectations and lead when it comes to service quality.

The Right Fit

Who should choose this program?

The standards are geared to community health centres, Aboriginal health access centres, community-governed family health teams and other organizations that provide primary care in the community using an inter-professional team and health promotion approach that is client- and community-centred.


Organizations are asked to meet a common set of Organizational Standards, as well as standards specific to their primary health care programs and services.

The Organizational Standards look at the whole organization, and cover things like governance, management, planning and evaluation, quality improvement, and important risk management functions. The standards also look for person-centred services, a strength-based approach, accessibility of services, and engagement and responsiveness to the communities served.

The Community-Based Primary Health Care Standards apply to the organization’s community-based primary health care programs and services. The standards in this module are founded on an encompassing view of primary health care. Primary health care is broader than primary care, and is participatory in nature, involving individuals and their community in improving their health and health care.

The module assesses areas such as health promotion, community capacity building, access to services, continuity and coordination of services, client advocacy and inter-professional work, and looks for a proactive approach to client safety and management of service-related risk. It pushes organizations to plan their services in response to the needs of communities served, addressing health disparities and considering social determinants of health.

IEEA accredited

IsQua AccreditationCCA’s standards for community-based primary health care are accredited by IEEA, The International Society for Quality in Health Care External Evaluation Association. IEEA is a respected global body promoting safety and quality in health care worldwide and offering the only international accreditation for national accrediting bodies like CCA.

Engagement of the sector

The Association of Ontario Health Centres played a leading role as a founding partner to create CCA and develop the accreditation program for organizations that offer community-based primary health care.

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