Canadian Centre for Accreditation

Feedback and Complaints

As an organization interested in continuous quality improvement, CCA views feedback as a valuable learning opportunity. 

CCA welcomes feedback about CCA and/or about a CCA-accredited organization. If you have positive feedback about CCA or a CCA-accredited organization, please email us.

Feedback or Concerns about CCA

If you have a concern about CCA’s policies, services or operations – here is how you can let us know.

Complaints will be investigated and responded to in an expedient manner. We are committed to ensuring that the parties involved in a complaint will be given a fair opportunity to explain their perspectives. You are encouraged to first raise your concern directly with the person(s) involved, however, if you prefer to record your concern here, you will be contacted within 5 working days and the matter will be brought to the attention of the CCA Executive Director or designate. 

See our complete Policy on External Complaints about CCA here.
If you wish to proceed with the complaint click here.

Complaints about a CCA-Accredited Organization

Have a complaint or concern about a CCA-accredited organization? Here’s what to do.

The goal of CCA’s accreditation program is to support community-based health and social service organizations to examine, strengthen and improve the quality of their services and operations. 

If you have a concern that a CCA-accredited organization is not meeting CCA standards, CCA does have a mechanism to receive complaints under certain circumstances and where the complaint may be relevant to an organization’s compliance with requirements of accreditation.  

Our four-year accreditation review cycle includes an in-depth site visit at the organization as well as status reports submitted by the accredited organization in off years. If a concern arises in between accreditations, CCA expects the organization to develop a plan to address the concern and to report to CCA on its progress in addressing it. 

If you have a complaint about an organization, we encourage you first to contact the organization directly to raise your concerns. As one part of every accreditation review, CCA verifies that the organization being accredited has and abides by policies and procedures about how it will respond to complaints received from the public.

CCA will only accept a complaint or concern regarding one of our accredited organizations if:

  • The organization and the relevant program are accredited by CCA. 
  • The complaint is related to mandatory or required CCA standards.
  • The complainant has exhausted the internal complaints process of the accredited organization (where such a process exists and is applicable to the situation.)
  • The complainant identifies him/herself/themselves and gives permission for CCA to share the complainant’s name with the accredited organization.

Upon accepting a complaint, CCA will require the accredited organization to provide CCA with a report outlining its complaints procedures and how it responded to the complaint in question. Once CCA has assessed this response we will inform the complainant if further review or action is warranted on CCA’s part.

CCA will typically not act on a concern or complaint in the following circumstances until the related process has been exhausted:

  • The concern is related to the practice of an individual registered professional. 
  • The concern is related to employee-employer issues.
  • The concern is related to an issue for which provincial or territorial legislation exists, such as employment standards, privacy legislation or an established Ombudsman process. 
  • Legal action has been initiated as a result of the concern.
  • The matter is under police investigation.

In such situations, CCA requires that the accredited organization inform CCA of the eventual resolution of the matter.

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