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On the road to excellence it helps to have an organization that knows the way

CCA is the best fit for Canadian community health and social services.

The Canadian Centre for Accreditation is a national, not-for-profit organization offering accreditation specifically tailored to community-based health and social services across Canada.

The CCA was formed through the partnership of five Canadian associations of community service providers, bringing together our combined 100 years of accreditation experience.

More about CCA
The CCA offers a smooth and efficient accreditation process adapted to your organization's needs. Because our roots are in the community, we understand your needs and offer services to enrich the accreditation experience.
  • Clear information about the accreditation process and what you can expect
  • Accessible support and education to help you prepare
  • Access to sample policies, procedures, and tools
  • User-friendly web tool to manage your accreditation
  • Knowledgeable and experienced review teams from across community sectors