About CCA

About CCA

At the CCA, we partner on your journey to better serve your community, recognizing the unique strengths of each local service provider, while championing quality at all levels.

CCA is an independent non-profit offering accreditation specifically tailored to community-based health and social services across Canada. We offer accreditation founded on recognized best practices in governance, leadership, and management, and in program areas including child and youth services, community-based primary health care, community mental health and addictions, community support, and family services.


Rooted in the Community

CCA was founded by respected associations of service providers. As such, we are uniquely positioned to enrich the accreditation process. We understand the nuances of the community service context and offer a program that adds value to the accreditation experience with relevant standards and review teams experienced in each sector serve.

Our continually updated standards are designed to help service providers stay ahead of the curve in the face of changing regulations, accountability requirements, and leadership practices. We focus on what matters: person-centered services, a strengths-based approach, accessibility of services, and responsiveness to communities served.

Efficient and Responsive

Our multi-service expertise and commitment to personal, responsive guidance mean we are able to provide a truly tailored experience. Each client organization is matched with a CCA Accreditation Manager to support them from start to finish. Our peer reviewers not only understand the service sectors, but have firsthand experience of the accreditation process as well.

Breadth and Depth

Every organization is uniquely structured. CCA accreditation can cover the range of services offered for a fully holistic approach. And we don’t stop there. CCA fosters leading practices within the entire scope of frontline and administrative functions, including governance, leadership, and management, so that teams move forward in total alignment. We accredit organizations of many shapes and sizes that serve various ethno-cultural and disability communities.

Relevant Results

We believe that quality isn’t just about ticking boxes. Sector-appropriate standards, rooted in a community context and approach, are important in engaging your organization in quality improvement. Accreditation is granted for four years. But right from the start, organizations are supported with clear expectations and supplemental learning, such as pertinent webinars and an extensive resource library. With competitive fees, personalized guidance, and no additional charges for training, our clients find the accreditation process itself an invaluable investment.

Locally Respected, Internationally Recognized

  • Founded by associations with over 100 collective years of accreditation experience
  • Accredits over 200 organizations ranging in size from 6 to 200+ staff in urban, rural, and remote settings
  • Extensively familiar with the unique Canadian community services landscape
  • Led the way in developing standards for children’s mental health and community-based primary health care
  • Has standards in unique areas, such as youth justice and Aboriginal services
  • Recognized by governments across the country, the Local Health Integration Networks, and other Canadian funders
  • Accredited by IEEA, International Society for Quality in Health Care External Evaluation Association, the only accrediting program for national accrediting bodies

Through our holistic and responsive approach CCA ensures that the accreditation process is more than a formality. It’s a path to growth. Because when local health and social service providers thrive, not only are they better positioned to help those they serve, Canadian communities thrive, too.

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