COVID-19 and CCA Frequently Asked Questions



In response to public health guidance and the pressures on our member organizations and reviewers, CCA has extended the cancellation of all on-site visits until December 2020, and has implemented a virtual site-visit model which will be used until then. All CCA staff will continue to work remotely.

As a consequence of the deferred site visits (March through August), there has been a downstream, domino effect on future reviews. Thus, CCA has rescheduled site visits for many organizations. As part of the process accreditation term dates have been adjusted.

Contacting CCA and General Information


Q. The CCA office continues to be closed. How do I contact staff?

Staff continue to monitor their email during business hours. Email is generally the best way to reach staff. We are also checking our voicemail on a regular basis.

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General Information

Q. How do we pay our accreditation fees?

Payments can be sent to CCA as per usual (e.g. a cheque by mail or EFT). Someone is going into the office weekly to check the mail.

Q. How often will CCA update information?

CCA will continue to monitor the COVID 19 situation and communicate any updates as needed via: CCA’s website; mail chimp blasts; direct messages to participating organizations and their associations.

Moving/Rescheduling site visits due COVID19

All Sectors

Q. Our accreditation date has been moved to a new date (e.g. March 2021). For what time period should we collect Board minutes for submission?

The due date for your pre-site evidence will be two months before the site visit (e.g. January 2021). Unless specifically noted, your pre-site evidence should cover the twelve months before your submission date.

Q. Our accreditation date has been moved to a new date. Does that mean that all due dates will change as well (e.g. contact list submission, staff survey deployment, pre-site evidence submission)?

Yes, when we move a site visit date, all the task due dates linked to that will move with it.

Q. How will we know if our accreditation date has changed?

If there is a change to your organization’s site visit dates your CCA Accreditation Specialist will contact you. If you have any questions you can contact your Specialist.

Q. What version of the standards will our organization be assessed against? For example, there were updated Organizational Standards released January 2020.

This process remains the same. CCA releases updated standards regularly. Organizations are accredited using the version of standards that were in effect at the time they completed their organizational profile and their customized standards were released. Thus if your site visit is deferred for several months, you will still be assessed against the same standards when you completed your organizational profile. Should you be considering making a change and using the updated standards you should speak with your CCA Accreditation Specialist.

Q. Are there any cost implications for the organization when CCA is postponing the site visit?

Accreditation costs remain unchanged.

Q. I am wondering if the pandemic should last longer than anticipated or there is another wave will our date may be adjusted and or postponed?

As the COVID19 situation evolves across Canada and the world, CCA is closely monitoring the situation, actively planning and making changes as needed to our training, programming and accreditation reviews. We will be in contact with impacted organizations if changes are required. We have now successfully implemented virtual site visits which we will continue to use in response to Public Health guidance and resume onsite visits when safe for all concerned.

Q. If my site visit is being conducted virtually, does it mean it will be the same length as an in-person site visit?

No, not necessarily. If you initially have a 2-day site visit, we would extend that to 3 days in order to decrease the intensity of the activities and the hours spent in front of a computer. If you have a 3-day site visit, it won’t be affected.

Sector Specific

Q. Does our organization need to submit additional evidence for client chart audits?

The requirements for client chart audits are sector specific. e.g. CBPHC: The organizations are required to submit evidence for two (2) years for the chart audits. If you already have them completed, you do not need to have additional chart audits.

Q. Are we required to submit evidence of achievements for the Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) 2020-2021? [CBPHC only]

The submission of pre-site evidence is done two months before the site visit. CCA expects organizations to submit evidence for the 12 months before the submission. So, if you have accomplished some of the QIP targets for that time, please submit the evidence.

Reviewer Training

Q. Reviewer training (Day Two) on April 8th, 2020, was postponed. What is happening for these trainees?

The reviewer training that was in progress in March was completed with real time, on-line training. There are now an additional 25 trained reviewers.

Q. Has there been a change in the process for becoming a Reviewer?

If you are interested in becoming a CCA accreditation reviewer there is information on our website. The next reviewer training will begin in October 2020. The training will consist of 8 real time, on-line two-hour sessions over two months.