The Accreditation Process

Plan Ahead

2 years before site visit

  • Self-assess with standards
  • Develop workplan
  • Access CCA training and resources
  • Engage organization

Get Ready

14 months before site visit

  • Gather documentation
  • Load evidence in online tool
  • CCA surveys: staff
  • Settle visit schedule
  • Prepare for interviews

Site Visit

Site visit

  • Observations
  • Interviews
  • File and document review
  • Client journey
  • Verbal wrap up

Preliminary Results

2 weeks after site visit

  • Report provided on organization’s strengths and areas for improvement
  • 6 weeks to address unmet standard

Accreditation Decision

3 months after site visit

  • Possible decisions
  • Accreditation approved. Final report and certificate
  • Conditional accreditation with more time to finish
  • Not accredited

Ongoing Quality Improvement

On accreditation anniversary

  • Quality updates