The Canadian Centre for Accreditation and COVID-19

Dear members, clients and reviewers,

As the COVID 19 virus continues to disrupt and threaten our world, we are compelled to find ways to respond in the collective interest of our families and communities, to people we have never met, in
countries we have never been, and under circumstances we have never known. It is a clear call to action and it is imperative we respond. All of our lives depend on it and many will lose in this battle.

The membership of the Canadian Centre for Accreditation (CCA) consists of organizations that are on the front lines in this fight; and are steadfast, stretched and collaborating intensely with colleagues,
partners and community members. We thank you for all you are doing in your commitment to the needs of those clients and communities with whom you work, often whom others have forgotten and to whom
you are dedicated.

Over 20 years ago, members of community organizations envisioned and built an accreditation model grounded in community- based values, developed by and for community members and organizations. The Canadian Centre for Accreditation has grown into a partnership of organizations, and evolved as a robust, recognized model that embraces a broad number of community partners that understand the importance of a program based on equity, fairness, ongoing improvement and perpetual learning.

We recognize that within the current challenging context with an unknown trajectory, we are compelled to remain adaptable and creative, continuing to offer an excellent accreditation process and experience. Consequently, we, like you, have needed to have a plan.


  1. In March, April and May we are working with organizations to explore and pilot virtual options
    for accreditation.
  2. During this time and, on an ongoing basis, we will apply what we will be learning. We anticipate this will consist of a combination of virtual and when possible, on site components.
  3. We will rely on feedback from you our members, reviewers and other accreditation models to continue to interrogate and improve our own.

We ask for your patience, since we, like you, are unable to predict the future. That said, we will keep in touch with you, invite you to reach out to CCA and together we will use this opportunity to evaluate how we respond in a crisis, how we pull together to plan and how we respectfully evaluate for ongoing mutual learning ensuring the integrity and principles of a community-based model.

On a final note, CCA staff are now working off site so please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will return your call or email as soon as we are able.

Thank you and be well,

Lynne Raskin
Executive Director

Michelle Hurtubise
Board Chair