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Equality is the Vision and Equity is the Path

It is June 2021. This month we celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion. We will acknowledge colonialism as settlers and will sit in circle with First Nations, Inuit and Metis neighbours on Indigenous Peoples’ Day. We will raise the Pride flag – a rainbow of colours now including black and brown stripes, in solidarity with the LGBTQ2SI communities. And we will
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Kamloops Residential School

Graves of First Nations, Indigenous and Metis Children We mourn the loss of 215 young bodies buried under the residential school in Kamloops, B.C. It is a stark reminder of the enactment of the ‘Indian Act’ and the unconscionable declaration by John A Macdonald to ‘Kill [ ] the Indian in the Child’. This resulted in the horrific reality of
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COVID-19 and CCA Frequently Asked Questions

Background   In response to public health guidance and the pressures on our member organizations and reviewers, CCA has extended the cancellation of all on-site visits until December 2020, and has implemented a virtual site-visit model which will be used until then. All CCA staff will continue to work remotely. As a consequence of the deferred site visits (March through
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The Canadian Centre for Accreditation and COVID-19

Dear members, clients and reviewers, As the COVID 19 virus continues to disrupt and threaten our world, we are compelled to find ways to respond in the collective interest of our families and communities, to people we have never met, in countries we have never been, and under circumstances we have never known. It is a clear call to action
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Why Accreditation Matters Now

We are all wondering what the full impact of the pandemic will be. How much longer will we have to stay apart? What strategies and tools will continue to be created or leveraged to help us navigate the challenges? What are we learning as we anticipate the next time? And how will we ensure that what is moral and just
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